Testimonials (7)

The Harford County Bar Foundation is quite grateful to have Jim Gault on board as one of our attorneys. Clients contact me to express their gratitude for all of his help and his kind way. They speak highly of him – they want it known that he should be recognized for his work in their cases. Jim has improved the quality of their lives and truly makes a difference.

Nancy Mahoney, Director, Harford County Bar Foundation, Bel Air, MD

Jim, Thanks so much for your hard work. I think you are an excellent and caring attorney - never change!!! I so appreciate all you have done to protect my rights!! You've been very efficient, thanks again...

"Dina B.", Bel Air, Maryland

I was very pleased with the legal services provided by the Law Office of James G Gault Esquire. His attention to detail and sincere interest in my case was very impressive, Mr. Gault took the time to fully understand all the issues and concerns I had. He provided excellent and well-educated legal advice at a very reasonable fee and in a very timely manner.

"Robert H.", Pylesville, MD

Mr. Gault did many wonderful things to help me during my case, both personally and with his work performance as an attorney. I am thankful that he was my attorney, and thankful for all that he did to help me.

"Sherry S.", Aberdeen, MD

Attorney Jim Gault is a great lawyer. Attorney Gault treated me like I was family instead of a client. He treated my case like it was his own. Attorney Gault went the extra mile to make sure I understood my rights, all the possibilities as to how we could proceed with the case and all scenarios depending on the decisions made. He is a dedicated attorney, and he made sure to inform me of any details involving my case. Choosing Attorney Gault is the best decision you'll ever make. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you sir for all that you have done. I really appreciate all of your hard work. You been nothing but kind to me.

"Keonyia H.", Aberdeen, MD

A year ago, I went through one of the most stressful experiences of my life. I needed an attorney to represent me, but I could not afford one. Someone told me to go to the Harford County Bar Foundation, and they were more than pleased to assist me with my case. Jim Gault was assigned to me. Jim was professional and compassionate. Not only did he take the case seriously, but he cared about the end outcome of the case. He walked me through the process and continued to keep me informed. I am more than thankful that he was the one assigned to represent me.

Jim, I just want to take the time to thank you for your leadership and steadiness while helping me through a tough process. You were more than a delight to work with, and I cannot imagine what I would have done had you not represented me. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much

"Janet A.", Belcamp, MD

What can I say about Jim Gault? Jim possesses a superior intellect that I wish I had - he is always several moves ahead. He is relentless in protecting his client, especially when the other side persists with irrational behaviour or insipid statements. He will not let the other party escape the consequences of their conduct if it results in harm to his client. I will never be able to forget what Jim did in my case.

"Danny R.", Bel Air, MD

I just received my first payment of my ex-husband’s retirement benefits. Thank you for everything. You are the bomb as far as lawyers go. Keep doing what you do!

"Dina B.", Stuart, Florida/footer>